Feeling good despite circumstances

Have you ever been enjoying a beautiful day and all of a sudden you observe something that elicits strong negative emotions from you?  How do you keep feeling good?  Yesterday I was in that situation, watching the kids playing outside when an argument broke out between neighbors.  It didn’t feel good to observe so I made a point not to get involved in the verbal argument.  However I was still focused on it and some strong negative emotions were brought up. 

One thing I did to help me feel better was to consider how it was a demonstration of the law of attraction (“what goes around, comes around” or “you reap what you sow”) – one person was angry and yelled at some kids, then the parents of those kids all came out and yelled at that person – so the angry one attracted more anger into his life (very quickly, I might add). 

This morning while discussing it with Candice, she helped me to forgive the people I observed arguing and set them free as I forgave myself and set myself free from their influence.  I have learned that it takes some effort to get out of a “victim” mindset and take control of my own feelings.  We learned this process from the Life Visioning audio program (see link to the right).

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