Healing Paste for Bruises

Two days ago I was playing star wars with my two older boys, Kayin and Demitri. We each had a plastic retractable light saber and were sword fighting outside. I tried to get Eden to join us, but she declined to engage in our driveway battle. I was having a good time with Kayin while Demitri was getting his jacket and shoes on (and finding his light saber), but when Demitri came out I found myself on the retreat. Kayin kept a safe distance away while we hit the light sabers together, but Demitri came at me like a wild banshee, swinging his light saber like an axe while he lunged towards me smiling and laughing. At one point he smacked my fingers with a crazy swing and I took a time out to look for gloves, wincing from the pain. Unfortunately I didn’t find any, but soon afterwards I was able to convince them that we should go inside and have lunch.

Candice was at her office preparing her herbs 4 kids class that she will teach next week, so I kept busy making food for all of us to eat and didn’t do anything about my bruised finger. But the next morning it was very painful, so I put on a healing paste as I learned from my ayurvedic home remedies book (this is found in the section on sprains and strains, but it applies to bruises too):

Apply a Healing Paste. Make a paste out of 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and 1/2 teaspoon salt, with enough water to form the paste. Use cool water. Applying it to the injury will help reduce swelling.

Almost immediately the throbbing pain subsided, and now (a day later) the swelling is completely gone and my finger is not even tender!

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