Free MDB file to MySQL Conversion

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9 thoughts on “Free MDB file to MySQL Conversion

  1. Wow, clear and effective, thanks a lot.
    I was looking for simple tools to convert a big MDB file to MYSQL and you just did it!

  2. Robert I apologize for Calling you Chris. Robert, the notes your wrote above were a great relief for me. Thanks alot.

  3. Hi,

    I was looking for the best way to transfer data from large MDB file (~2GB) to MySQL. The reason was poor full-text search speed of MS Access obviously. Your script helped me a lot. I would not probably find a way to connect to MDB using a COM object.

    A few notes (please correct me if I am wrong or inaccurate):
    1) ‘DefaultDir=C:\DataDir’ in connection string is redundant,
    2) ‘$rs->Fields(0)’ could be specified as ‘$rs->Fields(“FieldName”)’ which is a clearer way of specifying the source field,
    3) if anyone is going to process such a file one should cancel time limit for running the script as it is likely going to run for more than 30sec.: ini_set(“max_execution_time”, 0); set_time_limit(0);
    4) when inserting data to MySQL they should be treated with mysql_real_escape_string,
    5) If records in MDB are huge (>1MB) you will probably face a problem when inserting them to MySQL. You can get away with: mysql_query(“SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet=1073741824”); – which sets the allowed size of inserted packet to max.

    Again, many thanks for the script.

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