I wish I had a voice recorder now!

I just have to share something that made me laugh this morning. It was after breakfast, about 45 minutes before we were going to leave for a family birthday party to celebrate birthdays for four people. I had just finished picking up the toys, trash, and clothes from the floor downstairs while my wife Candice was doing dishes. I had turned off the sprinklers a few days ago so the grass would be dry enough to mow (it started getting long since Candice turned the sprinklers back on a few weeks ago and they were running on the default setting of 20 minutes every day). So I said to my wife (after putting away the “picker” I was using to pick up toys from the floor) “I’m going to mow the lawn now.” She instantly turned around with a panic look on her face, saying “No! God, No! Please don’t mow the lawn now, not today, PLEASE!” She went on to explain that I would have to take a shower afterwards and we still had things to get ready, … but I could not contain myself – “Haha! I wish I had a recorder now, I would replay that all the time! Can you write that down?”

This is going to be a good day:)

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